Awesome playlist!

Today I made a playlist and I would like to share it with you all, hopefully you find a song you haven’t heard of, or make one of these song your new favourite songs! By the way, lots of different people have different music tastes and that’s completely okay! If none of these songs are your jam, then comment your favourite song and I’ll make sure I listen to it! Okay here we go:

Psycho – Post Malone

Let you down – NF

Silence – Khalid’

Better Now- Post Malone

No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande

In my blood – Shawn Mendez

I like me better – Lauv

Anywhere – Rita Ora

Save Myself – Ed Sheeran

Life Is Worth Living – Justin Bieber

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed it, this was really fun to make and it took a lot of deciding to figure out what I should put in here! Thanks for reading, make sure to like comment and follow if you liked it!

-That one internet girl

Makeup routine!

Hey guys, I’m back again! If you read one of my previous posts then you would know I have a weird obsessed with makeup! I enjoy playing around with different colours and I love how makeup can transform and enhance our features! I thought I would share my usual makeup routine, it’s pretty simple and straightforward, I don’t wear much makeup because I’m still at school and they’re strict about makeup.

Step 1: Moisturise! I use the Arbonne Nuturing Day Lotion and the Natural Instict nourishing facial moisturiser. Never skip this step, moisturiser is extremely important for your skin.

Step 2: Fill in brows. I don’t go too extreme with this, I just fill in any bald spots and make my eyebrows a bit darker, because I have blonde eyebrows. Also, I don’t use a specific dip brow or eyebrow pencil everyday. Some of my favourite are the Nutremetics bro kit and the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow.

Step 3: Next, I apply concealer wherever I need it which is usually around my brows, under my eyes and a few pimples on my forehead (I know I probably shouldn’t put makeup on pimples but I hate them). I use the Body Shop concealer.

Step 4: Now I apply highlighter in my inner corner, under my brows, nose and cupids bow. I don’t go over the top, I just use a reasonable amount. Again, I don’t have a specific highlighter I use everyday but some of my favourites are the Anastasia Beverly Hills one and the E.L.F one.

Step 5: Now I apply mascara. I use the ‘Bang lashes’ by Benefit mascara and it is amazing! I would definitely recommend it. After that, I curl my lashes and then use a clear mascara on top because sometimes it can get a little bit clumpy.

Well, that’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading and make sure to follow, like and comment for a follow back! Love youse so much!

-That one internet girl :)))))))

Life hacks!

Hey! It’s me back again 🙂 ! Today I thought I show just post some basic life hacks everyone should know! Please also comment ideas for future posts because I would love to hear them! I’ll stop blabbering now, here are the life hacks

  • when at the beach, if you don’t want to get your phone, car keys, money etc. stolen, place all items into an empty clean lotion bottle (like Vaseline or something). This will give you a less likely chance of having it stolen.
  • if you are with a group of people that you think hate you or you think they will say something bad about you, get your phone and turn voice memos/ voice recording on. Then, leave the room and it will record all the stuff they’re saying (I actually tried this and it worked perfectly).
  • (hack for girls with curly/wavy hair) If you’re having one of those days where your hair is not cooperating whatsoever then you should wet it, and massage a generous amount of conditioner/a product that maintains curls and let it air dry. Don’t use a blow dryer, it will cause frizz and don’t use a towel, it causes hair breakage. If you don’t have time to air dry, wrap hair in a cotton t shirt and let it dry.
  • if you are wearing heels and the bottoms are all ruined and frayed, add glitter and glue for a fashionable and improved look.
  • combine 1 cup of slightly warm water, 1 table spoon of hair gel, 2 tables spoons of coconut oil and 2 table spoons of sea salt into a spray bottle, and spray on hair to achieve beach waves (only works on some hair types).
  • having really smelly jeans? leave them in the freezer overnight to make them smell a lot better.
  • make lipstick lat longer by using this guide; apply clear lip balm. apply first layer of lipstick/lip gloss. Then apply powder all over your lips and put on a second layer of lip gloss/lipstick.


Hopefully these hacks helped you somehow! Remember to like and comment ideas about what I should post next! See you next time!

-That one internet girl :)))))))

New Blog!

Hey guys! I only just started my blog, literally two seconds ago! I used to have another blog but it was really bad, so I completely stopped using it! I am not going to reveal my identity on this or anyone’s that I know so, yeah! My last blog was terrible and, I told one of my friends about it that I really trusted and she ruined it. She kept commenting stuff that she knows was supposed to be private. From now on, no body is finding out about this blog. I will try to post on this blog daily, telling you random things like life hacks, ranting about things that are going on and plenty more! Since you don’t know much about me yet, here are ten random facts about me!

  1. I’m a dancer
  2. I own a labrador
  3. I’m obsessed with skincare
  4. I am a choco-holic
  5. I have my exams soon 😦
  6. I love to perform on stage
  7. It was my  birthday recently
  8. My favourite colours are yellow and pink
  9. I really enjoy doing makeup
  10. I love cooking (and eating lol)

So that’s all! Hope you enjoyed and make sure to look out for anything else I post, I have so much in mind and I am so excited to restart this!

– that one internet girl :)))